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Rossini: Overture to Wilhelm Tell

New CD - Opera

After their first two CD recordings, which presented a cross-section of the ensemble’s repertoire (Portrait) and original compositions for brass (Original), the musicians of 10forBrass had long been hoping to record an opera CD.

For several years the ensemble worked together with arrangers and was always on the lookout for opera works suitable for performance by a brass ensemble. This resulted in numerous arrangements that have since gradually found their way into the ensemble’s concert programs. Six of these can now be heard on this CD.

The three arrangers Hans-Joachim Drechsler, Peter Lawrence, and Jürgen Pfiester are personally acquainted with some of the ensemble members, and their works had previous- ly formed part of 10forBrass’s repertoire. It was thus natural to entrust them with the opera arrangements. We would like to thank them sincerely for their productive collaboration and their ideas, with which they made a significant contribution to this CD.

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The CD "Opera" is now available in stores.

The CD is available at:Genuin, iTunes and Amazon


The program is now also available on the Internet .
A brief portrait of the ensemble was put together here .

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